Ilja Zofin

"You can make a bad movie out of a great script, but never a good movie from a bad script."
Ijla Zofin

Ilja Zofin (* 1954) studied screenplay / dramaturgy at the renowned Gerasimov Institute for Cinematography (VGIK) in Moscow. As a Jewish-born immigrant he came from the Soviet Union to Berlin in 1990. However, he couldn’t work as a screenwriter in the beginning. In order to be able to make a living he was working different small jobs, before he got the chance to start as a general manager at a transportation company. Later, he founded his own companies: the transportation company NTZ GmbH and the trading company Isycon GmbH. After selling his first company in 2011, he was able to devote himself to his passion: screenwriting. Since then, he has written numerous film and TV productions for the Russian-speaking market and founded the production company LM Media GmbH in 2012. Zofin lives and works in Berlin.



2017: Persian Lessons, in development
2016: Frontier (Граница), Russia
2014: Yolki 1914 (Ёлки 1914), Russia
2014: I’m sorry Mama (Прости меня, мама), Russia
2012: The personal matter of Major Baranov (Личное дело майора Баранова), Russia
2012: Beautiful girl (Красотка), Russia
2012: The wife of Shtirlitz (Жена Штирлица), Russia
2011: Best summer of our lives (Лучшее лето нашей жизни), Russia


2015: The last night (Последняя ночь), Russia
2014: The voice of Sokurov (Голос Сокурова), Co-Production: Finnland, Estonia, Germany


Best Director - The Last Night
IV Delhi International Film Festival
2nd prize: Best Featured Film - The Last Night
Baghdad International Film Festival