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    „Drama is life with the
    dull bits left out.“
    Alfred Hitchcock
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    The Voice of Sukrov
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    Persian Lessons
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Persian Lessons

Persian Lessons (2017)

In Development

Genre: Drama
Written by: Ilja Zofin
Director: Vadim Perelman
Producers: Timur Bekmambetov, Ilja Zofin, Vadim Perelman

The Voice of Sokurov (2014)

Co-Production: Finnland, Estonia, Germany

Genre: Documentary
Written by: Leena Kilpeläinen
Director: Leena Kilpeläinen
Producer: Merja Ritola

The Voice of Sokurov

Awards & Festivals

Locarno Internatinal Film Festival

Since 1946 one of the most important festivals in Europe known to set new trends in the film industry.

Helsinki International Film Festival

The aim of Finland’s biggest film festival is to promote the artistry of filmmaking alongside inventive, controversial and visually stunning new films.

Hong Kong International Film Festival

One of the Asia‘s oldest and most reputable platforms for filmmakers, film professionals and filmgoers from all over the world.


The film production company LM Media GmbH was founded by the screenwriter and producer Ilja Zofin in Berlin. In 2016 director and producer Timur Bekmambetov joined the company.

The two filmmakers met in 2013, after Bekmambetov had read the screenplay "Persian Lessons" by Zofin. Several joint projects followed their encounter. Among other things Zofin and Bekmambetov collaborated in the realization of the comedy "Yolki 1914" in 2014, to which Zofin wrote the screenplay. In Russia, the film made around $ 18 million in sales.

The aim of LM Media is to promote European-American cooperation in the development of film projects.


Timur Bekmambetov

Timur Bekmambetov

Timur Bekmambetov (*1961) is one of the most successful directors and producers in Hollywood. With “Night Watch“ he first succeeded in Russia. Later he produced and directed Hollywood blockbusters like Wanted, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Hardcore and Ben-Hur.

Ilja Zofin

Ilja Zofin (*1954) studied screenplay / dramaturgy at the renowned Gerasimov Institute for Cinematography (VGIK) in Moscow. He wrote numerous screenplays for film and TV productions in Russia and Belarus and is the founder of the production company LM Media in Berlin.

Ilja Zofin


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