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  • The Voice of Sokurov

The Voice of Sukorov (2014)

Alexander Sokurov (born 1951) is one of the most important Russian directors and screenplay writers of his time. Based on six interviews shot at six different locations in St. Petersburg, the documentary "The Voice of Sokurov" explores the cinematic world and life perspectives of the director through his personality and work. The film also touches on topics such as the social significance of cinema as well as the overreaching purpose of art and artists.


Genre: Documentary
Written by: Leena Kilpeläinen
Director: Leena Kilpeläinen
Production: Revolver Film Ou, LM Media GmbH, Illume Oy
Producer: Merja Ritola
Executive Producer: Pertti Veijalainen
Co-Producers: Karin Reinberg, Anastasia Pavlovich
Distribution: Films Boutique


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Opinions On The Film

“(...) It is magnificent to see and hear Sokurov – a wise, placid and self-taught man – talk about his past and the present state of Russia in the new, excellent documentary by Leena Kilpeläinen. The atmospheric, intense and even spiritual samples of the director’s production supplement the whole, turning it into a polyphones dialogue between the artist, his works, the Motherland, and history.“
Lauri Timonen
Midnight Sun Film Festival
“There is an atmosphere of confidence in this documentary. Sokurov gives an account of his lifelong battle for the integrity of his art. The interview footage is eloquent, and the many illuminating clips have been selected with a good sense of judgment. This is an excellent introduction into the films of Sokurov, and it makes me want to see or revisit his films. I have seen many but not all.“
Antti Alanen
Film Programmer at National Audiovisual Institute (Finland)